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New Business Setups in UAE

For many businesses, ECGB has been their preferred business consultant in UAE. You can also join and be a part of this stream of successful companies by contacting our business setup consultants and setting up your company in Dubai without any hassle. Our office is just 15 minutes drive from Dubai International Airport. We are always here for discussion, support and to handle whatever queries you may have about setting up in business in the UAE. ECGB can develop the right strategies for your new company and help you ate every stage to help you succeed. We can handle your business setup in the UAE, with both PRO services and quality business consulting.

We Create Strategies that can Grow Businesses

We proffer solutions and achievable strategies for business owners and entrepreneurs to overcome any hitch or hurdle that they may be facing. We pride in our in-house team that consist of experienced professionals in different sections of the business such as marketing, accounting, human resource, IT and technology and legal matters.
We connect our clients who are facing a difficulty in a particular area to a specialized business consultant regarding their matter and the consultant will counsel them on how to effectively manage the situation.

Our consultants are highly skilled and experienced in their specialties and they use this knowledge and experience to help entrepreneurs overcome their problems and grow their business.


UAE Bank Accounts 

ECGB is an expert in incorporating Offshore Companies and Freezone Companies in the UAE. The business has strong links with the major banks. This means it is easy for clients to open bank accounts in the UAE.

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