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Grabbing opportunities means taking risks!

Success depends on the decisions you make. Use our experience and expertise to ensure you gain the advantages you need and deserve. With ECGB’s expertise, knowledge, and tools we can assist businesses and corporate entities to identify valuable investment avenues. Our consultancy will help make commercial visions become reality.

Feasibility Studies

We can conduct feasibility studies into business investments, making cash flow forecasts and projections. Our experts can advise on market trends, the competition, as well as identifying client needs. Our feasibility studies include creating profit & loss reports, assessing total investment costs, and projecting income and expenses. The aim is always to help stabilize the financial position of your business. We will not hesitate to provide any warnings of issues we identify as having the potential to blow up in the future.

Project Planning

Project planning is a key part of what we offer at ECGB. We not only plan but also report progress as a project moves through its phases. We also determine what would be appropriate to complete projects on time.

Software Consultancy

With developments like Artificial Intelligence, businesses are looking for integrated tailored solutions. As a result of the analysis we do of client businesses, ECGB’s experts can advise on specific needs in terms of accounting software.


Corporate Finance Services

Finance solutions take numerous forms. Overdrafts, preferential credit lines, or loans are just a few. ECGB has the knowledge and resources to advise businesses on the best methods of finance as required by a particular business’s needs. We can help identify legal, accounting, regulatory and tax issues. Also, we can identify and quantify collateral and involved risks.

Risk Analysis

Business always involves risk. Some of these risks may be outside a business’s area of expertise. We see risk analysis as a fundamental step to prevent any crisis from blowing up. Our risk management emphasizes cost-effectiveness. Our experts examine the risks faced by clients. They then assess them and decide on suitable courses of action to minimize any issues arising. ECGB has a tried and tested structured approach based on many years of experience.

Business Performance

ECGB recognizes that reviewing business performance in real-time is essential if problems are to be identified before they grow. We, therefore, help monitor and manage our clients’ performances, using key performance indicators (KPIs) including revenues, returns on investment (ROI), overheads, and operational costs. ECGB’s aim is always to help a business make efficient use of all its resources: financial, human, material, and others. If necessary we can propose and execute major change programs.

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