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We Help Businesses Recover Stronger, Build Resilience, and be Ready to Withstand What Comes Next!

Crises are abnormal events that threaten the reputational, commercial, and strategic interests of a company.For an organization to recover from any crisis, it needs to have the right crisis management policies, leadership, structure, and competence in place. Having a good crisis capability and maintaining it over time needs a lot of time and regular attention. This is where a professional crisis management company like ECGB plays a critical and irreplaceable role.

How We Resolve Crises

When a company excels both operationally and financially, it is very possible for its management to be carried away with the current scenario and not consider other extreme scenarios or strategies that can either marr or foster the company’s longevity.

For over 11 years, ECGB has successfully tackled different kinds of crises for several companies by putting all the scenarios into consideration; the worst scenario, the actual scenario, and the best scenario. The best scenario is when business is thriving, with no liabilities, no reputational threat, or foreseen risk to the business. On the other hand, the worst scenario is when a business has been hit by threatening situations that can negatively affect the organization. For either of the two situations, we immerse ourselves into our clients’ businesses to fully understand their operations and then proffer operational standards that will prevent or avert the crisis.

At ECGB, we help organizations assess their risk environment, market pressures, as well as their strengths and weaknesses. We build a risk strategy, extend organizational capabilities, and deploy technology and resources to transform the strategy into reality. We pride in our in-house capabilities to prevent or resolve crises for small, midsize, and global corporations. Our team consists of experienced financial advisors, accountants, legal practitioners, digital marketers, and business experts.



Unlike other firms, ECGB will stay engaged with you to help identify and address issues throughout the contract time. When you have us on board, we will:

  • Identify functions and processes that are critical to your business
  • Design operational plans to deal with any potential issues or crises
  • Set up a crisis response team
  • Make sure the crisis is brought under control as quickly as possible to minimize the damage
  • Ensure that your company’s reputation is protected
  • Ensure that smart decisions are made

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